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About Sarah

Professional Wedding Celebrant

Hello, I’m Sarah, an easy going, loving life, glass half full, kind of person. I’ve lived all over the UK - I’m a dab hand at accents - and travelled a fair bit of the world too. Right now, I'm in Lancashire in the northwest of England, but I'm not limited to this region, as I'm willing to travel anywhere in the UK or overseas to help you have your perfect day.

Roles in the media and travel industries gave me experiences with many people, places and cultures, and much public speaking experience.

I’ve strived never to be the person giving the dreary speech, so I always create something with a little humour or twist to keep people’s interest. Nobody has fallen asleep yet, so I must be doing something right!

When friends asked me to conduct their wedding overseas, the opportunity, experience and honour of creating a unique and meaningful ceremony for them made me want to help others.

That led me to undertake the excellent training of the UK Society of Celebrants, to provide other couples with their own bespoke and memorable wedding, vow renewal or naming ceremony.

Your special moments in life should reflect you. Your unique ceremony will be composed with all the care and love you have for your family, right at its heart. Nobody’s wedding should be the same as another.

I'd love to have an informal chat with you, to see if we gel and talk more about how I can help create your special moment.

So please get in touch and start planning your perfect ceremony.

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I’ve had two weddings - not quite a film title, but almost!
My first wedding took place in a church. In the 1980s, one either got married in a church or in a registry office, and somehow a registry office conjured up images of a dull office with lots of formica furniture.
So, despite not being religious, the church it was. It looked beautiful in the photos, but the ceremony was the same standard one that many millions of people had said before us. Very much a case of “insert names here”. 
The second wedding, 19 years later, was in a registry office. It was actually an attractive room without a hint of formica, but the ceremony itself was standard. More "insert names here" text and with only approved readings allowed, none of which resonated with us or had personal significance to us.
These restrictions inevitably meant that in our wedding ceremony there was nothing personal, nothing unique and more important, nothing memorable.
We were legally married, of course, but the legal aspect seemed to be the dominant point of the ceremony and not our love story. 

I didn't have the choice of what type of wedding ceremony I wanted, but if I ever tie the knot for a third time, I would definitely choose a celebrant for my wedding. (I still have a current husband, so wedding number three isn’t on the cards 😉).
So what is a celebrant, and why and how should you choose one?

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