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Vow Renewals

​Whether you have been married for five years or 25 years, renewing your vows is a declaration of your continued commitment and affection for each other.

Marriages mature like fine wine or cognac, and you probably had different feelings and thoughts when you made your wedding vows for the first time.


A renewal of vows ceremony is an opportunity to confirm your love and commitment with the benefit of a mature relationship behind you. It's also a chance to express your continued commitment to each other in front of your children and friends, old and new.

Moreover, renewing your vows is a further celebration of your wonderful marriage, your life together and the milestones you have achieved as partners.

Imagine writing vows now, after all the years together. Would what you have vowed be different or exactly the same?

A celebrant ceremony can make your vow renewal perfect, tailored to you and reflective of the journey you have been on as a couple.

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