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What is a Celebrant?

A celebrant is a person who performs or officiates ceremonies. Whilst commonly encountered at weddings, they can also conduct other ceremonies like vow renewals, children namings, funerals, burials and memorials.

The above statement is a factual description of the role of a celebrant, but a celebrant is so much more than that.


A celebrant will be someone who takes time to get to know you as a couple or family, learns your story and is committed to giving you the perfect start to the new chapters of your life story. 

To create a personalised wedding ceremony is a minimum of 40 hours work.


It involves meeting with you as a couple, learning and listening to your story, researching every element of your ceremony, from readings to poems, writing the ceremony, ensuring that you are happy and that you have the ceremony you want, communicating with your venue and then ensuring that the ceremony flows smoothly and on time. 


Why choose a celebrant wedding?

At the current time, celebrant conducted ceremonies are not legal, but we hope this will change in a few years’ time.


However, the day when you say your vows in front of your friends, family and loved ones is the day when you start your new life together, not the day when you sign an official piece of paper.


Most couples choose to sign the legal documents a few days before or after their real wedding ceremony.


In that infamous interview, Meghan Markle & Prince Harry mentioned they had their personal wedding ceremony, just for them, a week before their national, legal wedding. They were not interested in legality, they wanted a ceremony for them.

I believe that all couples deserve to start their marriage with a personal, meaningful ceremony.


Don't you deserve a ceremony that says something about who you both are and reflects your hopes and dreams for the future.


You may want your family, children or even pets to be part of this ceremony, and with a celebrant led ceremony you have all the control, but you can leave creativity to me. 

How to choose a celebrant?

Where to begin? Well, you’re here on this website, so that’s an excellent start.

Anyone can set themselves up as a celebrant, but not everyone is qualified to be one. It is much more than just reading a few poems and saying a few words, so don't risk the most important ceremony and day of your life by choosing an untrained celebrant.

I’ve always enjoyed writing creatively and have extensive experience of organising events and speaking in public.


After attending many weddings where the ceremonies were a little lacking, I began to think about becoming a celebrant to create better ones.


I did my own extensive research into this profession and quickly realised that exemplary training was crucial.


After all, if you want to do something, do it properly and do it well!

I chose to be trained by the UK Society of Celebrants. They offer comprehensive courses conducted by practising, experienced civil celebrants and after three months of intensive study, I received my diploma.

Chat with me and see if we have a connection. There is no obligation, and I'll be glad to talk to you about various ideas.

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