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Client Review: Lindsay and Jenny.

My fiancée and I were really looking forward to having our special day.

We knew it was going to be in Sitges, Spain, we had an idea of what we wanted, a vision and having already started a Pinterest Board for the material things, we needed to really think about the practical things. Things such as the flow of the ceremony, the pacing and spacing of it, when to do what, when to say things and when not to, things that were personal to us which we really wanted to implement but were not sure when and how to.

This is when we met Sarah.

Sarah was super warm and friendly and lots of fun which immediately put us at ease. She made the whole planning and arranging of the ceremony quite the fun experience that we’d hoped it would be.

We kind of just made a note of EVERYTHING we wanted with Sarah, from readings and our personal vows to ring bearers and how they would be very much part of the ceremony. She helped us to arrange the order and the flow of the whole day which was very important to us.

She made sure it felt just right.

Sarah wanted us to have the maximum impact and ensure that our guests felt very much part of our day. This would turn out to be a very personal and emotional ceremony.

She was gracious in her tactfulness and was able to really listen to our needs and able to make suggestions based on those needs to really shape the day without taking anything away from what we really wanted to keep.

Sarah approached us individually to ask us both a few questions about the other, funny anecdotes, places we’d travelled to and made memories, our families and those funny stories you have which are just between the two of you and magically had them woven into her opening speech on our wedding day.

We met several times and spoke over the phone to ensure that everything was perfect before the big day and it couldn’t have been more perfect.

She was part of our rehearsals, kept it all to time, had a run through of all our readings and made sure that our young ring bearers were comfortable knowing what they were to do and when - this really helped to put them at ease too. She fully directed and orchestrated the day, so we didn’t have to worry or fret and she was perfect.

The right blend of humour, romance and professionalism makes Sarah the perfect choice to have as an official celebrant for your special occasion. She is highly recommended - I hope she can do our vow renewal in a few years’ time!

Lindsay & Jenny.


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