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Sarah's Blog: Special ceremony elements

There are lots of special elements that you can include in your wedding that can be a real visual representation of your commitment to one another.

They can also include family and friends which gives your wedding a collective and inclusive feel.


Handfasting is a ritual symbolising unity in which a couple stand face to face as their hands are bound together with ribbons, braids or cords. It’s from this ancient ritual that we get the phrase, tying the knot!

Wedding Sand Unity Ceremony

The unity sand ceremony is one of the most well-known wedding rituals. Both partners pour sand, usually of two different colours, into a single container, symbolising your life-long commitment and the joining of your two lives. Parents and other relatives can be included as well, to symbolise the blending of two families.

Unity Candle

This ceremony involves the central couple using individual candles, which they then in turn use to light one unity candle. Family and friends will then be invited to come forward to light their own candles from the unity candle flame. This lovely ceremony symbolises togetherness and the merging of both families.

Four-Legged Friends

Your furry friends are important members of the family so why not make them part of your special day? Why not get your four-legged friend to be the bearer of your wedding rings? Being a dog lover myself, I can help to ensure that no one in your family gets left out of your big day.

Love Letter Box

This box contains a bottle of wine, gin or anything that’s your favourite tipple, two glasses, and a love letter from each to the other. The letters describe the good qualities they find in one another, the reasons they fell in love, and their reasons for choosing to marry. The letters are sealed in the box at the wedding ceremony and then on your first anniversary you open them...


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